1.  Please choose the desired item

2.  Please email to  your particulars as below:-
     a.  Full Name
     b.  Item Code & No. of Item
     c.  Shipping Address
     d.  Contact No.
3.  You can also place your order by phone/sms to 0105884018 and stated your particulars as above.

4.  We will  email/sms you the total cost of your order inclusive of postage payment and our account
      no.( We'll reply your email in less than 24hrs)

5.   Please transfer/bank in the payment of your order to one of these account :-
      a.  CIMB acct.
      b.  Maybank2u acct.

6.   Please provide us the proof of transaction after payment has been made by email/sms. Important
     details to be included as below:-
      a.  Bank/Acct you remit the payment
      b.  Your mode of payment transfer (Maybank/CIMB cash deposit or online transfer)
      b.  Exact amount have been remitted
      c.  Date of transaction
      d.  Transaction reference

7.   The shipping reference will be acknowledged to you by email/sms